Lyle’s is a classic seedy dive bar, yet everyone loves it…Why?!? Because the drinks are cheap, strong, and easy to come by. Lyle’s has the famous 2 for 1 any cocktail most of the time. And ANY means ANY cocktail you want, any booze, whatever, and its worth the extra .50 for top-self. Lyle’s is actually a favorite in uptown and is frequented by the slightly more alternative crowd. Everyone is usually really nice and talkative. Lyle’s has a small game room in the back. However, don’t come here if you are looking for something up-scale or fancy. Lyles is a classic bar and is determined to stay that way, even if it means patrons must only sit on 70′s red vinyl booths and be put at the mercy of whoever should plug the jukebox (but don’t worry, the music here is exceptionally well picked and variant). Overall, don’t expect much besides good times, well poured cheap drinks, weird locals, and a pounding headache in the morning. Its one of our favorite happy hour spots in the city.